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And patients love our service!

This was such a great service, so helpful and it helped my family save so much money. Angela took care of all of the details and set up an appointment. It worked out so smoothly. I would highly recommend this service. I feel so grateful to have come across it.
Lilian M, San Francisco, US
I was a bit skeptical because the price was too low, but I did the scan and I was pleasantly surprised. The facility was clean and nice. I had the scan within 24hrs and it was an excellent scan. I strongly recommend AffordableScan to everyone. It's truly affordable.
Falez Ennabe, Long Beach, US
Very professional and efficient. Also helped me save a lot of money. If you don’t want to wait long long time, definitely go here.
Assia Qinhang Shao, Oakland US
Superb service! Angela was super helpful and helped me schedule an appointment in just 5 minutes. I paid just $275 and saved myself $1,000 for the deductible.

John, Orange County, US

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AffordableScan works with 100+ imaging centers including
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Get your next patient without the hassle of doing medical billing:

How can we offer the best rates to patients?

We fill-up the imaging centers empty slots and pass the discount to patients

Imaging centers invest thousands of dollars to run & maintain MRI machines. When a patient cancels an appointment or it goes unused, imaging centers lose a lot of money. Plus there is extra overhead on billing & cost related to working with insurance companies. Instead, the facility provides us with these unused appointments at discounted self-pay rates, and we pass these savings directly to patients.

How it works?

1 Patient requests a quote and we help him get an Rx

  • Patient discovers us through online content/ads & requests quote
  • Concierge contacts the patient and helps him get Rx through partner telemedicine medical service
  • Concierge confirms patient is willing to pay cash, insurance/medicare patients are sieved out
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2. With your assistance, we book the appointment

3. Patient visits the imaging center visit & gets in 24-48h

  • Concierge works with imaging center to offer patient 2-3 times
  • Patient confirms appointment and completes booking by paying a small deposit to minimize no-shows 
  • This fee is billed directly to the patient to cover our cost of service. The service is free of charge for the clinic
  • Patient visits the center, pays the full imaging cost and completes the visit
  • Imaging center sends the report to patient & referring doctor within 24-48 hours


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Our concierge team can place cash patients at your clinic for same/next day bookings to maximize your machine utilization & help you boost your imaging center profitability

The concierge service for booking self-pay imaging scans

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“AffordableScan has been a lifeline for our clinic. They are invaluable partners”  - Vernon Radiology (Los Angeles, CA)

Why do imaging centers choose us?

1 No more insurance billings

  • No billing process required, no insurance hassles, no collections, patients pay you directly up-front via cash or credit card
  • No money changing hands between us & you, patient pays you directly & separately us for concierge service
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2. Fill-up your empty slots that otherwise go to waste

3. Build new doctor relationships

  • Every open slot on your calendar costs you $40 for technician fees & $100s of lost potential income
  • With our calendar integration, we focus on same-day bookings, so instead of losing money you can get paid as we put these time slots to good use
  • We let you send the results to doctor offices & patients, so you can use this opportunity to introduce yourself to new doctor offices and win recurring business
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